Life’s Golden Ticket Revealed!


Since the day Life’s Golden Ticket was released, I’ve been asked to reveal what the secret message was on the golden ticket at the end of the story.

I was always reluctant to share my vision of what the golden ticket said because I wanted the reader to draw his or her own conclusion. I wanted the secret to a happy and meaningful life to be chosen by the reader, by you, not me.

Originally, the publisher and I were going to put the golden ticket in an envelope in the back of the book, along with an invitation ticket that you could give to a friend inviting them to read the book. But we chose not to include the envelope at the time, so until now the “golden ticket” has remained a *mystery*.

The time has come to finally share what I envisioned the ticket to say. I’m hoping you’ll comment on the golden ticket and also provide what YOU think is the golden ticket. (See below on how to comment).

The Golden Ticket Revealed!!

What is the secret message we were all given on our golden ticket at birth? What message did I want to include with Life’s Golden Ticket? Revealed here for the first time, below is the front-and-back of the golden ticket we were originally going to include in an envelope in the back of Life’s Golden Ticket. Print this ticket out and carry it with you as a reminder of our greatest blessing – the gift of free will and second chances.



Print the golden ticket front and back of the ticket by clicking on the following links:
Golden Ticket Front
Golden Ticket Back

Please post a comment on this blog and let me know what you think of the golden ticket. Just scroll down to leave a comment.

Also, feel free to post a comment and share what YOU think is the golden ticket. This should be your thoughts on what we all need to hear as a reminder to get us to live to our full potential. It’s your reminder to others about what to keep in mind in order to live a happy and meaningful life. Try to keep it to 2-5 sentences max. I’m sure people will like to see and comment on it.

As a thanks, I’ve also included two incredible videos below to inspire you and help you get centered despite this chaotic world of ours. Enjoy!

Thank you for your support over the years. I hope you always remember your golden ticket. And I hope our paths cross soon. Until then, may the gates to possibility always swing wide open for you.

– Brendon Burchard
Author, Life’s Golden Ticket


Life’s Last 3 Questions

This video shares what inspired me to write Life’s Golden Ticket. Essentially, I had an accident that taught me life’s last questions and I wanted to write a parable about a man who is forced to look at his life and decide if he had ever really lived, loved, and mattered. That’s the essence of the book. It’s also the essence of what I know to be important in life based on my accident.


The Purpose of Life

After a participant suffered a seizure during one of my seminars, I shared my thoughts on life. While conducting the seminar, my father was fighting a losing battle against leukemia. I thought this video would help you become present and emotionally connected so that you can truly appreciate the golden ticket (and hopefully help you come up with your own, too).

  1. Brendon,

    I just finished reading “Life’s Golden Ticket” and could write an entire chapter of how much that it touched me but after reading so many comments here I would digress.

    I think the way to express myself about this Very Important Story is to tell you that I would Love to make this into a LIVE theatrical experience with 4D sound, and much more and will contact you to make a proposal about this and the team that we have that can pull it off in the Highest Professional Manner.

    Thanks so Very Much for writing something that has the potential to inspire Millions more than you might have imagined – over the next century!

    Cheers and I Salute you!

  2. Hey Gitte,
    We do ship to Denmark. Feel free to contact my team for support: They’ll take great care of you!

  3. Hey Ron,
    Please reach out to my team for support: They’ll take great care of you!

  4. Brendon,

    Thank you for encouraging and inspiring each of us. I have to yet to read the book, I will. I am in your elite expert coaching program and it is the absolute BEST.

    I love your message, and have printed LOTS of tickets to share with others also. I was moved by the words so much it brought me to tears and inspired me to share a story about a girl I once knew as a way to inspire and help others….

    An ordinary girl who went through a lot of pain. She spent most of her childhood nursing a sick parent. Her Dad left. She was emotionally abused and physically attacked.
    Her foster brother killed someone. She failed in school and was told at 11 years old she was a failure and grew up believing she was not smart enough.

    Her heart full of empathy, and deep compassion for others. Her purpose, passion, drive and calling in life to help masses of people all around the world. To serve them, help them and give them HOPE, and BELIEF and the COURAGE to live their dream no matter where they are, or what has happened to them in life. Never give up!

    She decided to get on a plane one day, a one way ticket….

    We don’t always understand why things happen in life, and why GOD seems to think that what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger :) We do have a choice as to what meaning we give to these events.

    The golden ticket…..

    My message is one of HOPE and BELIEF in YOU and in your dreams. Through your story you can help and serve so many other people in the world that are hurting, in pain, in more pain than you and who need to borrow belief. You are beautiful, I honor you, share your gifts and help someone else. I believe we are all here to do something greater than ourselves.

    In gratitude Brendon,

  5. Last year I was gifted with an incredible knowledge. It just came into my life and profoundly changed it.

    I was given the history and the architecture of the hidden hand that runs the planet. The hand that keeps us enslaved in debt, in broken families without our tribal support, in a constant state of ‘not enoughism’, whether it be the global oil supply, or pennies to buy bread and milk. The hand that keeps us at war and that divides and conquers in every way, whether it be between countries, or simply in our mind about why we are here; a seemingly insignificant fragment, amongst 7 billion other fragments.

    But with the knowledge came a profound peace, an end to the battle. A letting go of the fear, the clutching, the pointlessness. Now there is just peace and simplicity and a profound courage to speak to the corporations who have ensconced our ‘right to resources’ in their rabbit warren of debtism.

    This is the time of the New Dawn. 1000 years of peace. You can step up and be seen and heard, by simply not consenting to what you are told is real and true. For it is not. And in your heart, you know it is not. Life is simple, it is loving. The bad times come and go, just as the good times come and go. Step out of the chaos and the rat trap, and be free.

    For further knowledge regarding this architecture, please write to or visit for a historical journey into the corruption of this planet, and thus your liberation from the game someone else is playing with your life.

    May peace and enlightenment be with you.

  6. The feeling that I got when I read your Golden Ticket was indescribable. From someone who talks about the Power of Choice – you seemed to steal my words. From someone who understands the Power of Choice – I clearly see you do too.

    After 11 years of a wonderful marriage, three beautiful children and an idyllic life, my husband shattered my world with 6 words …. “I want to become a woman”. I knew my life would never be the same again – family would never be the same, my marriage would never be the same.

    Through understanding the process of choice, the power of choice and how your highest values guide your decisions – I made the decision to stay with my husband, who had now become my ‘sister’. I lost my husband and gained a sister, the kids lost their Dad and gained an ‘aunt’ – it isn’t the same.

    But we lived together for another 7 years, an unconventional family – me, the kids and an ‘aunt’. We set up a support group for transgendered people and their families, I met some wonderful people and went on a unique journey of learning.

    Sure, my values changed and in 2005 I decided I wanted a relationship, so we separated and got divorced. I am remarried to a wonderful man – but what I really gained from this was a new understanding about the Power of Choice and three incredible kids who really understand the complex paths of life and how you can’t always control what happens to you or a loved one, but you always have the choice in how you respond. Life will jump up and slap you in the face sometime, the unexpected will happen, a tragedy will occur – you can’t control that, but you can control what you do next.

    My saying is – “Your choices today, define your tomorrow”

  7. I appreciate the eloquence of your Golden Ticket. My simple principle of a “golden ticket” is that someone is always in charge. If I am not the central influence in my life than I will be standing in someone else’s circle and be stuck with only two choices: (Do what they choose for me to do, be, etc. or (2) Try to make them change to my way (good luck!). Since neither of these contributes to the total quality of my life–I always prefer to have a third choice. That choice is to stand in my circle and use my power of influence to serve myself and others. We always have a choice.

  8. My prayer for you Brendon is to continue to live longer and in health and to continue to be a blessing to generations yet unborn. For me, life is a matter of choice. May the entire world make informed choce of love and peace.

  9. Brendon, Thank you. I will be sharing the golden ticket with my patients.
    I keep quotes around me for inspiration as the messages change and grow. There is so much inspiration and beauty in the world! So glad you are a part of it. I think the secret is paying attention! Rain of Blessings, Patricia

  10. My Golden Ticket for Life is simple:

    “Love all that you are”

    I invite you to breathe deeply into your belly with yourself and relax, there lies the connection with your soul. She gives you all you need. Wisdom, Health, Balance, Clarity, Joy, Love …. and all the answers on the questions you have. It’s only a choice and then TRUST YOURSELF :)

    It is a connection out of feeling and sensing, not a thinking from the mind. The mind is your computer not the Creator, that’s YOU!

    Thank you Brendon for all your inspiring videos and messages!

  11. Dear Brendon,

    I was close to tears when I read the secret of your Golden Ticket. I was also given a Golden Ticket one that is uniquely mine. This discovery happens to be the Premise of the Book that I have begun to outline. Having this outline completed 2012 was one of my top 3 goals for this year. It is something I have wanted to do for many years and I decided that the way to get started – is to get started. Since January 1st, I have been seeing “Blue Trucks” everywhere – everything pointing to the time being right for me to share my message. Having the desire to be connected to the right people to make this happen, it’s the reason I came across you. The story of your car accident and my car accident is creepy. There is however a great deal more to my story. God been allowed me unique favours which in turn allows be to understand the idea of the Golden Ticket without the need for explanation. Adversity is a PASSPORT for which we would not have applied if all were perfect within our world. I know that my story will bring hope to many. I am trusting that I shall have the strength and courage to finish and put my story out for others to find their own Golden Ticket with it.

  12. Hi to all. First I want to thank Mr. Brendon and everybory else..
    My life is too hard and I am always trying to make it simple then I thought why am I trying that? I have to live it as it is that’s not mean to give up and put my hands in my pockets that means to fight and strugle to delete nothing and make things in my life. You know, I think everyone wants to have golden ticket in his life and for me the only thing that I wish to have in my life and not just wish I will have it MY GOLDEN TICKET.

  13. Brendon,
    I thank God always for your life.
    For me, Life’s golden ticket is accessing what the ticket gives access before the gate closes.

  14. Brendon,
    I tell you what, I’m really blessed by your willingness to share with the entire world such volumes and volumes of your life’s experiences. I wish I could have come across a store of knowledge in my youthful years.
    There’s no doubt my sons and daughters and grandsons and daughters will share in what I’ve discovered in you.
    May our creator who guided you to discover such a golden ticket of life sustain you in whatever you do to make life really meaningful.

  15. Bassam
    I would say many thanks for writing Life’s Golden Ticket. It is very usefull
    for human life and everyone in need with story like this
    and many thanks return to you from writing a wonderful book.

  16. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (an incurable blood cancer) almost three years ago and given thirty days to live. I am a certified cancer nutritionist and professional cancer coach. This was not supposed to happen to me. I worked with my medical team and helped them design an integrative program. Within six months I was in remission. If I can do it, then others can too. I would like to use your program to spread the word.

    I think your program would be an excellent vehicle. Can I just order the home study course since I missed the deadline for the mastery online marketing program?

  17. Thank you Brendon. I love the ‘Golden Ticket’ and look forward to reading the book.

  18. I was just reading Speaker magazine and noticed the following quote from Brendan. “In an abundant society what it takes to feel alive and engaged is different than what it takes for someone in a developing country.”

    Last summer, I took a small bus from Kenya to Uganda. I sat beside a nurse who works in the field of mental health. I asked her what the biggest mental health issue is in Africa. Ironically its depression. The same as North America. Even though one is “impoverished” and one is “abundant”, people are people. We concluded that in both cases depression is caused by a sense of “lack”. Only “what” we think we lack is different.

    Ultimately what makes us feel alive and engaged is also the same no matter where you live. We need to be connected in a meaningful way to others and to be able to make a difference in the world.

  19. I was just reading Speaker magazine and noticed the following quote from Brendan. “In an abundant society what it takes to feel alive and engaged is different than what it takes for someone in a developing country.”

    Last summer, I took a small bus from Kenya to Uganda. I sat beside a nurse who works in the field of mental health. I asked her what the biggest mental health issue is in Africa. Ironically its depression. The same as North America. Even though one is “impoverished” and one is “abundant”, people are people. We concluded that in both cases depression is caused by a sense of “lack”. Only “what” we think we lack is different.

    Ultimately what makes us feel alive and engaged is also the same no matter where you live. We need to be connected in a meaningful way to others and to be able to make a difference in the world.

  20. Brendon,
    I have to say that I haven’t read the book life’s golden ticket but I too did read, well listen to your audio version of Millionaire Messenger and want you to know you are changing lives and making the world a better place. Thank you and god bless you.

  21. My Golden Ticket is similar, but it reads, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” No matter what the past has brought us, the future is bright and whatever we make of it, starting TODAY!


    The only time you can FEEL, EMAGINE and ACT is in the presence!
    So why not LIVE it ?)

    Share all of your gifts…
    if you do not know them…
    Start SHARING all you positive energy…
    if you do not have any
    start by ONLY focusing on all the things
    YOU WANT …more of!!!)

    If you have a problem…
    GIVE the solution all your ENERGY
    FOCUS ONLY ON all you WOULD LIKE more of…
    And do it because what ever you SEND ENERGY
    and keep sending uplifting and positive energy
    will eventually MANIFEST … good or bad
    THE CHOISE IS YOURS, and yours alone!)

    If you do not KNOW YOUR GIFTS…
    Know that the PRESENCE IS one of them…
    As the presence is providing you the opportunity
    to FEEL, EMAGINE and ACT …
    to MANIFEST everything that matters…

    If you do not know what matters…
    start helping yourself by helping others :)

    Sunshine Regards
    - G

    NB. to Brendon
    You have been my FIRST TRUE inspiration
    for me to finally find my way…
    and do what I do best!
    For years I have been wanting to start my own
    business. This year I will !)
    as you have provided me with the greatest idea.

    THANK YOU – I will be forever great full!

    QUISTION??? – do you ship your DVD’s to Denmark as well?
    Preferable I would like to access the information by down loads – an option?
    Does anybody know?

  23. We see what we look for – we hear what we listen for.
    What are you looking and listening for?

  24. Also one more important thing, the value of goals, knowing what you want and having a plan. See you in April Brendon in Times Square.

  25. I thought the golden ticket was firstly about the possibilities in life. I have just finished the book, for me 1. Facing fears 2. Feeling love 3. Being present
    4. Believing in ourselves 5. Persevering even when other people who do not share our dreams 6. Self awareness (I like this description in the book) 7. Purpose in life is to contribute. This is a very valuable book because of the lessons it holds. I would recommend it to everyone.

  26. Hitting Rock bottom is not nearly as low as one might think! Rock Bottom may be the plateau from which to begin your ascent into your personal greatness! Or if you choose, it can be where you pitch your tent and dwell, doubt and complain. Choice is a very powerful thing!

  27. Liking all you have to share, I’ve been bleesed with a few of “Life’s Golden Ticket’s” myself throughout life. Life is about living to give, share and add value to others, the rewards will follow!

  28. Thank you for using the Golden Ticket metaphor to enable those of us whom need visuals. It greatly helps to know we all have the power within to surmount any difficulties to live the life we chose.

  29. I’ve read your book after joing Expert’s Academy and it has BLOWN my mind.
    THANK YOU so much for taking the time to share your message in this book. I will do the same now :)

  30. A new dear friend gave me this book to read…I’ve read it at doctor appts…or anywhere that I’ve had to wait…I didn’t want it to end…I do a good deal of reflecting on my life and the lives of those that I have loved dearly…I grew up with great experiences in my life and also quite poor…I also grew up with some traumatic experiences…I chose self destructive paths in my life…but…I have been grateful to God many times for saving my life…literally, sending me people in my life that have loved me unconditionally, for the lower points in my life…but mostly because He gave me a heart that can love people no matter what they have done to me…In my forties I had a turn around in my life that helped me to make changes…I still have many changes to make and by the grace of God will…but I can now accept myself for the gift of the life God has given to me…and as long as I can feel, breathe and think…I can come closer to what I am here for…certainly I am here to help others and be of service to anyone that needs a friend…I so very much enjoyed your book, I plan to buy it for myself, and buy several more for friends and for others who could make use of this book…I want so many others to have their golden tickets and will be thrilled to offer them to my friends and friends I have yet to meet…May God Bless You and a Happy and Prosperous 2012!

  31. I actually wished to compose a small note to thank for you for many of the pleasant secrets you happen to be showing on this website.

  32. Hello. I undoubtedly desired to firmly place a nice brief statement and also inform you know that in fact I’ve been focusing on your internet page for quite some time. Keep up the great work and I’m going to be checking back again consistently fairly quickly.

  33. Your book is on the reading list Brendon

  34. I haven’t read The Golden Ticket yet but I have read Millionaire Messenger and the impact upon me was profound.

    For a couple of years I have been dealing with/ struggling with the effects of depression. I boiled it down really to a lack of personal clarity and undefined purpose. Your blogs, videos, writing, and speaking have helped me tremendously, think deeply, and reexamine the role I can have in the lives of those around me especially the one I love. I have learned to be thankful, and I thank you especially for the Golden Ticket. I have printed it out and placed it in my journal to help remind me daily of this great truth.

    Thanks again.

  35. Sensei, Grant Kruhly, DC

    Brendon, your work has opened my life, and I hope to meet you in 2012.

    As a Wellness specialist and Classical Sword Sensei I have studied life and essence for over 38 years. From working with people of all walks of life and levels of maturity and accomplishment I believe the real gift of life is in BEING, not in Doing. Everyone seems stressed by lack of time. If they connect with Being, in the NOW, time disappears and joy, stillness, and relationship appear. You describe that when you looked up and saw the moon that night. My hope for everyone everywhere is that they learn to dissolve the conditioning that veils their true greatness and beauty. Thanks to Brendon, I’ve taken that as my mission in life. Thank you so much Brendon. I’ll pray for your Dad.

  36. Your message of hope and a divine destiny is very powerful in a world full of stress and demands. I currently find myself at a cross roads in my career. I am a million dollar sales associate in the jewelry industry who has had opportunity come knocking at my door to be a difference maker. Like you, I have a message that could revolutionize the sales floor and bring back the founding principles of trust, honesty and integrity in the sales world. My articles are published in three national magazines and news outlet and I just finished writting my book called Modern Day Selling. The way everything has come together lets me know that there is a divine plan unfolding according to the will of God. Even with my new found success the powers of fear and doubt try to take root like a weed and choke the life out my message and my destiny. The fear of walking away from sure success into the unkown is a very risky desicion. Your message of divine destiny helps keep those of us striving for greatness grounded and rooted firmly in the truth we have discovered. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight with the world.

  37. LOVE. Love Yourself, Respect Yourself, Celebrate Yourself. Love Your Mate, Respect Your Mate, Support Your Mate, Celebrate Your Mate’s successes. Be Honest, Be Gentle, Be Congruent.

  38. You have been blessed to be a blessing, spend your days choosing to add value to another persons life and by doing so the natural result is a better life for all involved.

  39. Rather than blame and stay stuck, I am now totally committed to CELEBRATING the possibilities and experiences! Woohooooo what a ride! Gratitude rocks y’all!

  40. Hi Brendon,

    Often when I’m out ‘n about, people (checker, bank teller, minister) will say, “How are you?” and I reply, “FABULOUS!” Inevitably, their eyes widen with curiosity and they tilt forward as they ask, “Really? Why? What happened?” to which I reply, “Nothing, I just decided to be. Besides it sounds better than mediocre ;) ” For a moment there is a shared awareness and a humorous reminder that life is what we decide it will be. I just had this experience again yesterday while the reality is I was laid off from my job a few months ago. I have been interviewing and getting oh so close. The time is running out where I am and I will have to make a decision come January 1 to turn in my 30 day notice on my apartment and either move out of the area to one location (if I get a job that I’ll be interviewing for) or moving home to my mom’s house after being on my own for 20 years and going back to school. Either way, it will involve uprooting and another change. Each option presents its own challenges. It will be an adventure! If I don’t get excited about the opportunity, I might crack under the stress of not knowing where I will be 60 days from now.

    I think that is what life’s golden ticket is about. Everyday we have opportunities to choose whether we are going to approach the things that happen in life with optimism or pessimism. The moment that something happens, it is in the past and can’t be changed. All you can do is assess where you are and where you want to be and start moving toward it. I’ve often had to reassess and adjust because things didn’t turn out as I had envisioned. In spite of the not-so-fabulous things that are happening, when you know you hold life’s golden ticket, you can’t help but feel fabulous!

    See you at next years Expert’s Academy!

    Luv ‘n hugs,


  41. Every event in our life, every relationship, comes to us to teach us a life lesson we need to learn. We must live our lives present in each moment or we will miss lifes most important lessons. if this happens we stay stuck in life instead of living it as we are intended to do.

  42. Life, for the individual (me or you), is only what we perceive of it. To be an active participant in expanding the horizons that have been set by others and held generally constant through all other’s perspective, limited mostly by an inability to dream or “step outside of the box,” it is very possible to brighten your world and therefore the world in general. Teaching yourself to create through the lessons learned through life ad through others provides one a feeling of being able to literally change the world for the better through your lens and through others looking for something that you have in you.

  43. Thanks for all of the inspiration that you share as I really need it. Two weeks ago I wanted to end my life and ended up in a mental ward. I didn’t try to commit suicide, however I was distraught and called 911 while driving on hwy 95. My wife had left me after 22 years of a great marriage. I really didn’t want to live anymore. I have to come to realize that I was wrong and I do have that golden ticket and plan to cash it in. Thanks for everything.

  44. The golden ticket can be tricky. It is never in the direction we think it is. Its not the obvious like to love one another or college.

    Clarity is the answer. It is in us. We must draw it out and not listen to everyone around us. It is going past the dead end.

    All of your inspiration keeps leading us to that Golden Path. Thank you

  45. i think our main purpose in life is understand ourselves, and take the next step of serving people

  46. I really appreciate and admire you for serving as an inspiration. Your message is a personal validation and a call to stop waiting for the “right time” to live what I have envisioned. Thanks!

  47. *****Hi Brendon*****,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to give us this chance to let us share our story with you. truth be told the world needs it right now!!

    Thought i would send you a video about my message!



  48. Found by chance this book. I started reading it and felt hit. I myself have been in a car accident this week, which meant that I felt the need to stop and reflect. I was lucky to not be injured. The book feels liberating and I knew before I read the book that I got a second chance and now has the book received further confirmation of how important it is to stand up for myself and love. Wonderful book!

  49. Hi Brendon! Thanks so much for sharing Life’s Golden Ticket with me!

    I was having a huge issue with personal motivation after a disabling illness. Somehow, in my quest for motivation, I found your free book offer.

    Life’s Golden Ticket turned my life around and gave me hope that LIFE CAN BE BETTER, and MY LIFE HAS PURPOSE, regardless of my circumstances.

    I’m now reading The Millionaire Messenger, and I look forward to meeting you when I arrive at The Experts Academy!

    May you continue to be blessed …


  50. You are not here to find happiness; you are here to extend it.

  51. Thank you Brandon

    These presentation were truly powerful and helped me connect with my Truth and real emotions. The experience was great to become Present again as for the last 3 weeks I was in defense and closure.
    You really inspired me to live my life fully and make a difference despite all the resistance I encounter on daily basis.

  52. Couldn’t have said it any better than you on the back of that ticket Brendon. Absolutely life changing how you were able to convey such meaningful imprtance in the book. Love it. Keep up the good work my friend. Excellent!

  53. I have always believed that when the student is ready, the lesson will appear. And so, I have to admit that even though I’ve had this book in my library for a while, I had not read it yet.

    A few days ago, I made a decision that impacts my job, my future and my life. And then, I read the book. And it gave meaning to the decision I made. It also strengthen my vision of taking a short term sacrifice, to enjoy a more fulfilling life after December of 2011.

    I have to thank you because you sent me a second copy of this book when I ordered Aleph, and I decided to read yours before Aleph. I don’t know why, I just thought I had to read yours first. I’m not sorry I did because the truth is, sometimes it is about holding on to the past, other times it is about being afraid that people wont like the changes you go through. I think more importantly, many times we assume what others will think without giving them credit (kind of when you choose a job because you think your partner wants you to but you never really ask).

    And so, as I continue in my journey, I am holding on tight to my golden ticket and I hope the person I gave the book to will enjoy it as much as I did. I also hope that their journey is as gratifying as mine is.

    Keep using your golden ticket and being of service to others.

  54. Thanks! You have really made me become more aware of the importance of life, to make the most of it and to use it for service to mankind. Thanks for
    the video. God bless!

  55. Brendon,
    Didn’t want to say much other than you Rock dude! A friend from college after speaking with them 18 years later, told me about you. They said, “check this guy out. You can benefit from his passion!”
    I’ve gotten the books, peeped the videos and follow where you going with it all. Keep up the great work! Prayerfully, I can hit my goals of reaching thousands with my message and impacting lives worldwide.
    God bless,
    Ray Schufford
    aka “Shoe-perman” – “The Expert Hero

  56. Hi Brendon!

    I just finished reading your book, Life’s golden ticket, and that is how I got to this page. I got that book from your launch along with Paulo Coelho’s ‘Aleph’ which is what made me make the purchase.. Funny though, cause I always know you as a marketer but I didn’t realize you’re a brilliant author – until now. I couldn’t put down your book, even at work during my break, I was reading your book.

    It has some very powerful messages. Thank you for sharing it. You’re a brilliant storyteller! You have the gift Of figurative language – of using stories to explore and illustrate the “hard stuff”.

    Keep up the work and keep blessing the world! You are indeed a miracle worker!



  57. LIFE’S GOLDEN TICKET is the ticket you have, and you never need to use.
    every ticket we buy, is used so we go some where, but this one is for no use and that’s exactly what make it special; once we get this ticket, the univers is open to us, we just need to open the eyes of our hearts, the choice is not what we do or how we live, the choice is when we use that ticket to be part of the cycle we live within. knowing that we are just visitors is the key, and that can only be known by faith.the absolute truth is like the ocean, and ONE have ONE cup to fill, AND the hole ocean to admire and embrace.

  58. Thanks Brendon for your honesty & servants heart. You have
    Inspired me to be and do what u do, to help & inspire others
    To live a life of purpose. When my younger brother passed
    away I realized that my life could be over soon too. But
    More importantly what had I done with it? How had I made a
    a difference? I had to stop following the pack so I did. I
    Want to serve others with my msg & help them a
    Reach their dreams. Thanks for the ticket.

  59. For me the golden ticket was found when I stopped being a victim and became the co-creator of my life in every way.
    It’s easier to feel miserable and a victim of the universe, GOD or destiny. But taking the reins and being responsible for your own fate implies consciousness, hard work and more responsibilities.
    Events do not happen to us… We happen to them.

    We see GOD as a bearded man, who punishes us when we make mistakes and rewards us when we do good.
    A person who smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day and develops lung cancer is not a victim of GOD but of his own chosen destiny.

    I stopped giving so much responsibility to God. GOD is beyond this!
    When I was 54 years old and went through menopause, I was scared to death of losing my looks, my sensuality, and my shape; I was scared I’d become an old lady set to suffer from arthritis and soon end up in a wheel chair. The image reflecting back at me in the mirror was that of a body out of shape and older looking; my hair, gray, but in my mind… I was young and full of life with many dreams yet to realize.
    At that point I decided to prove to myself and to the world that I could go beyond the established rules and paradigms. That’s when I decided to regain the body I had when I was 27 years old.
    Then… I wrote the book, YES I’m 58 ( where I share all the secrets of my own experience, like how to look and feel fabulous no matter how old you are.
    I give examples in my book of how we are the masters of our lives, not puppets of our destiny.

  60. Thank you so much, I read your emails you sending weekly and it is very helpful. I am going to buy your book, I just know you from the aleph announcment and for my next book I’m starting to go into your books, and I’m sure it would be as good as you are. Thank you and please keep mailing me.

  61. I think the Golden Ticket is a very creative idea. I have long pondered the many ‘formulas” for success that are out there. Ben Franklin said “either do something worth being written about or write about something worth being done.” The Greeks said “the unexamined life is not worth living.” And “Know thyself.” One of my favorites “recipes” for happiness and success as it were is the following. Someone said we need only three things to be happy in life:

    1. Someone to love
    2. Something useful to do
    3. Something to hope for

    I do not think that there is any single formula for success unless it is the idea that we must take responsibility for our lives and nothing but nothing can be gained without commitment and dedication. Some might add hard work but when we are doing what we have a passion and purpose for, it does not usually seem like hard work. I always advise my students that life is too short, so find something you are passionate about and has a purpose and pursue it. Thank you Mr. Burchard for allowing me to contribute my ideas to this post. John

  62. reading comments here, I believe that I cannot miss this book, must read it

  63. For me to take advantage of the golden ticket I will need to only listen to my own inner voice about which direction I should take. I have wasted many years listening to other people because I lacked the confidence to tell them I know what I’m doing. Some still don’t believe me but I will prove it to them and to myself someday. I am currently halfway through The Millionaire Messenger and already have most of a plan.

  64. In the same way sunrays break dark clouds, a kind word dissipate sadness.

    A part of my life’s golden ticket is about Love.
    The most difficult thing for me was to Love my enemies.
    I had to change my old way of thinking, seeing, feeling and acting.
    I had to endless ask God for help, as I realized it was too difficult for me to change alone anything inside me. And my prayers were from: “please God help me, I love you” to “if you don’t answer me maybe you don’t even exist”; from: “please forgive me, I know you exist” to: “OK, no answer, then take me home as I don’t want to be here anymore”; from: “forgive me God for my comments what’s my wish to your power?” to “just show me your mercy”.

    Wish you all, feel what I felt when answers started to come!

    One more thing from me: play God’s rules if you want to win. It’ s only about Love…God bless you!


  66. Life’s Golden Ticket is truly given to each of us as written by Brandon, each one of us has the ticket, and most will never cash it in. Many will sit back and complain how “life” has shorted them, how “life” has held them back. When all the time, they/we have cluched onto our Golden Ticket and refused to cash it in. I’m ready to cash mine in for the “life” of the century. Who’s ready to join me?

  67. I lost a close friend to suicide last weekend and at the memorial service they opened up the mic for any friends or family to share memories they had of Jared. It was really inspiring to see the common thread they all had of how Jared was always so enthusiastic about WHATEVER he was involved with and that he loved everyone the same and made you feel comfortable being yourself. Those are some great gifts to have, possibly life’s golden tickets. But one thing that Jared allowed to burden him was that he didn’t want to bother anyone else with his own challenges in life. He didn’t want to inconvenience anyone else. Which is kind of him, but if he only realized that he had SO many friends that loved him as much as he loved us. He had SO many people he could have turned to for help with whatever mental stuggles he was dealing with. If he would have only done that, and allowed someone else to be as good of a friend as he was to others, then maybe we wouldn’t have this tragedy on our hands. So right now, I think life’s golden ticket is knowing that we are not alone in this journey we call life. We need to buoy eachother up, strengthen eachother in times of need, give a helping hand, lend your ear, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or vent when you need to. We don’t need to carry our burdens alone. In times of need, turn to your friends, family, and the Lord and allow them to serve you just as you would be willing to serve them.

  68. Thanks, Brendon!

    I’ll see you on stage in a few years!!

    My passion is spiritual advocacy and motivation. I call myself a fitness visionary. I had a similar spiritual awakening, and I am in the process of vocalizing it. C you!


  69. Thank you very much Brendon for your inspiration and being an example.

    I would like to share my favorite quote that is posted on the wall of my office:

    “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
    Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”
    – J.W. Goethe

  70. Wonderful but to simplistic. What is the golden ticket for those that are severely disabled. Those that are suffering from CP, MS, and other very disabling disease. Those who depend on others for everything, from toileting to feeding and on and on. What about 9/11? Try to make sense of all those people vanishing in infirno or throwing themselves out of windows with certain death, young mostly.

  71. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

  72. Dear Brendon,

    My Golden Ticket had something to do with you even before I received it.

    A couple of months ago my wife bought your Experts Academy program. She urged me to see your videos. I resisted. Being at the bottom of the pit, with zero-income for two years, our reserves depleted and nobody reacting to any of my initiatives, I was skeptic of “trying Brendon.” Nevertheless, I did. Well… Following your guidelines and reading your book attentively, I managed to “shock myself” with an ambitious outline. I am now on my way to become an expert on “Architecture Awareness.” Money will follow. I know it!

    What has this to do with the Golden Ticket? It has. Once I changed my mindset, I decided that what I want and can do is to help people to learn how they can better their lives physically, psychologically and financially by becoming more aware of the 24/7 power of architecture. I believe that by doing so, more people will be better equipped to contribute into the building of a better world.

    How am I doing it? By putting together my passions (storytelling, writing, traveling, architecture, photography) and my areas of knowledge (as an architect, as a teacher, as a broker) with tenacious work. My end-goal (after paying-off my mortgage and my daughter’s student’s loans) is to live wherever I want (a Long Beach-Paris-Tel Aviv combo) and from there to continue to spread my Architecture Awareness message, write some of the many stories I know, and practice architecture “on my terms.” By exercising daily and eating healthy (we are “non-orthodox Vegans”,) I look forward to continue for “at least” another twenty years to “make a difference.”

    Thank you Brendon!


    Rick Meghiddo

  73. Who I really am starts now.

  74. Dear Brendon,

    After watching the way you handled the seizure-situation and me having my husband with Traumatic Brain Injury, I can really tell you that IMHO you practically saved that man’s life!
    He was blessed to be surrounded with your staff who immediately helped him as well as with all the lovely people sending him positive healing energy.
    Who knows where the man could be when the seizure occurred if not at your seminar. Would he be jogging with nobody at his side? Would he be driving? He now knows he has a golden ticket.
    With much love and respect,
    Juracy. Ensenada Baja California. Mexico

  75. Thanks for sharing your experience Brendon…. after reading most of the comments, I realized that even if I have had a great life, I haven’t used my GOLDEN TICKET yet. I had lived “standing still” thinking that’s life…………. but I’m wrong…… God gave us a full universe to enjoy, we are King of the Universe’s sons and daughters, we must expand our vision, our expectations, our desires and our efforts……I loved Nancy Battye’s comment, and I’m doing the same statement: I’m Michaelle and I’m here to make a difference in the world and I have done and will intensify my life every day…..

  76. Hey Ianes! Yes, please do share with your audience and in doing so, please follow copyright/trademark laws. Thanks!

  77. Brendon, thank you for what you do and what you give. While these times are challenging, I am reminded of the many wonderful things for which I am grateful. My life is truly blessed. We must all remember to have hope and courage in the face of darkness. Your message has helped me in ways you can’t imagine. Thank you again.

  78. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site? My website is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would certainly benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Thanks a lot!

  79. My golden ticket has been to really and truly step into my own power – adopted at birth and knowing nothing about my biological parents, being blessed with a very good life growing up, traveling the world I still seemed to just ‘fall’ into life without any direction.
    Married at age 23, after getting engaged within 10 days of dating, married within 6 months and five years later starting a family of three.

    The 3 1/2 month premature birth of identical twin girls, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, confined to wheelchairs for their mobility, life as a single parent below the poverty line for several years. Estranged by my adoptive parents and survivor of a second divorce I’ve now through all my resilence, strength, determination and unconditional love for my kids, have learned that the golden ticket that I wasn’t previously stepping into was realizing how much of a gift I am to the world.
    My golden ticket was to realize that I was attracting all the wrong relationships because I didn’t have enough self acceptance and enough confidence to know that I really mattered in the world.
    Plaqued by guilt of thinking there was something wrong with me at a subconscious level in terms of being worthy, kept me playing small in life.

    Well I don’t play small anymore. I’m Nancy Battye and I’m here to make a difference in the world and I have done so and will continue to do so.

    My mission is to enlighten others to increase their own self acceptance through compassion for themselves and ultimately for others in order to raise the level of awareness throughout the world especially as it relates to individuals with physical disabilities.

    My ultimate vision/legacy is to build an all inclusive full accessible respite resort camp for children and families with physical disabilities to maintain the integrity of the family.

    Brendon I’m honored to have you as my mentor to push me to achieve all of my dreams in life ~

  80. Dear Brendon,

    I am happy to contribute to “Life’s Golden Ticket Revealed!”.

    Let me thank you for your massive contribution to my own success as an expert here in Germany in the recent weeks and months. The world can expect a new strong voice to arise, and that’s mine. You will hear from me.

    My own experience with God / Spirit / Beingness / Eternity / Unlimited Power – or however you wanna call this Universal energy and truth underneath all that exists – has taught me such incredible things in the last 12 years …

    I would put it like that:

    Life’s Golden Ticket is …

    … that we can understand that who we truly are is an unlimited power and energy that has created everything, always. We ARE an endlessly strong stream of evolution that creates even Universes within small amounts of seconds. The more we grow into this unlimited potential, the more we become experts of life and masters in our field. We all are being leaders, and the more we step into our unlimited potential, the more we can lead others to understand that, too. For me, life’s golden ticket is the chance to be born again, a second time after our physical birth, with that deep understanding of who we all really are.

    Thanks, Brendon, love your work and especially how you do it.

    Thanks for your great example, buddy.


  81. Your talk about your near-death experience and the lessons you learned from it was so powerful that it shook my very being. Having gone through a rough patch as a child, I was mostly bitter, angry and resentful towards the very people whom I was suppose to cherish. But then I watched your video, sharing about the accident, the power of presence and forgiveness. I was going through life not fully alive, not loving openly, and not making any difference because I was pissed at the world, at God and at my parents. I realized I was living my life from the past. I was not present and I was not engaged.

    Now every morning before I go I spend sometime centering myself and saying “I’m here! I have another chance at life and this time I will try my best to make something worthwhile out of it”. Thanks to your video, I have been able to forgive freely, I am starting to love openly, I am enjoying being present in the moment, giving my best in the here and now moments and minutes, and I can feel that I am making a difference in baby steps…

    Thank you very much… I now appreciate Life’s Golden Ticket

  82. Thanks so much, Brendon, both for your teaching and for this opportunity to respond. My wife Carole and I decided to change the way we lived our lives some time ago – not as a result of something dramatic happening to us but to people we love and care for. Those events caused us to recognize we get this one life and we have a duty to live it in the best way we can – and we now feel a responsibility to spread that message to as many people as possible.

    We each of us have an incredibly precious and ever-depleting commodity – time. Whenever we do anything, we are entering into a trade – our time in exchange for the thing we are doing. What we have to decide each and every time is, is the trade worth it? Is the thing we are doing worth the amount of time we are going to spend on it – time which, once spent, is gone forever, leaving us with less than we’ve ever had. That’s why we refer to ‘spending’ time, not ‘lending’ time – it’s not coming back.

    Since we started living that way, we have been immeasurably happier and, we believe, we’ve helped people behind be happier by being the people we have now become. That may sound conceited – but it’s not meant to be – we now give much more of ourselves (still not enough – but much more) – and we believe we are beginning to make that difference that indicates we might eventually matter so long as we continue to live and love enough. Thanks again, Brendon – for a young guy you’ve certainly taught us ‘oldies’ a thing or two!

  83. Dear Brendon, a “detour” was required of me just this last week, as my heart revealed a need for a “repair” in a physical way, but I consider the experience a great blessing, as I will be much better and stronger as I now leap into my eighth decade, having used up seven of them already. And for my birthday, I hope to find a copy of “Life’s Golden Ticket”–but I want to share that bliss can only be had when you focus on each and every Present Moment. Fear of the future and regrets of the past are the two “thieves” tugging at us, but there in the middle, we stand safely and securely as we taste the “Now.” It is the only time you can praise, ask forgiveness, rejoice, and learn and love. My own life has been so enriched since you and Christian Pankhurst have become a part of it…God bless you all!

  84. there are 4 reasons, why life’s golden ticket inspired me.
    1. i’m a teenageer. so i know, my attitude is unstable. so, that book has inspired me, how to shape myself well.
    2. maybe my time is enough to learn details about world of life.
    3. my dream is so high. i wanna learn step by step and accept all lessons from my life.
    4. i wanna be a success gils, in all sector at my school, my peoples, my country, my world and of course my religion.
    and from my point of view, the ticket is renewable ourselves to a right way, so, we can accepted in our life.
    just it, thank you.

  85. Our creator created us in His likeness with free will to go through life on the golden ticket He’s given each of us. He gave us each a certain endowment of the necessary things to succeed and excel if we will. His strong suggestion is, and it helps immeasurably, that we allow Him to interact with us and help us through things that at any point are beyond our abilities, as a loving Creator. Sharing what we have with others opens doors that are opened no other way. This is one of His strong suggestions.
    Brendon, thank you for using the second chance He gave you to share your passion with the world.

  86. I think life’s golden ticket is to go with the flow, to trust in a Higher Power, who watches out for us constantly, and to believe that we are important players in the universe. God has a plan for us, whether we know it or not,
    and we need to be always open to his silent Word. Through God we come to believe in ourselves. It is not up to us to know our purpose at this time, we just need to know that we are all One and part of a much greater picture, which will one day be revealed. Trust, hope, believe, and glorify God by donning his Spirit of love, compassion and forgiveness.

  87. Hi Brandon, to me, love, egoless love, is my Golden Ticket. It is, I humbly believe, one of the smoothest and the straightest roads to a more meaningful life in a more meaningful world for every thinking soul.
    Before I went to any formal school, my parents used to tell me that a child is love letter written by the whole family at the service of the whole community. Therefore, any step I take or move I make or action I undertake, I must do so with my whole family and my whole community in my mind.
    Then I grew and went away to pursue my academic studies in philosophy.

    On the one side, I heard that a child, as the saying goes, is educated twenty years before her birth. That means that we all are elements of a system: our social system. As elements of a system, we are not all what we want personally to be. We are rather what our loved ones and important others want us to be.

    On the one side, I heard that we, each, are unique and we, each, will only be what we make our own self to be.

    I then conclude that everyone has two deep needs. Everyone has a deep need for social integration and a deep need for self-navigation. These two deep needs are complementary needs. However, these two deep needs are also conflicting needs. And whenever they conflict with one another as they often do, love, egoless love, is all we all have to build the two-way bridge between what the outside world wants us to learn and what our own unique inner world longs truly to hear.

    Malick Kouyate

  88. As I was reading your email this morning. I thought before opening it, get prepared to hear something worth while.I was literally writing a piece of an unfinished story before I started checking my mail. I have always seem to live my life that way never fishing anything completely,but would always find the accumulated lessons that were carved out for me. learning something valuable…I spent my life til this point fixing errors or mistakes trying to get it right.In the back of my mind,I have always saw that the golden ticket to life or reason we all here is to help someone simplify theirs. I believe that is the reason we go through things. Now being a father having a daughter and 2 sons is the new shift for me. It makes me think that those things that I thought were unfinished were.Life has a way of moving you toward your destiny. I will definitely pick up the book.

  89. Hi all ! This golden ticket is so awesome and so true. My motto has become “Life happens – what defines you is how you choose to deal with these ‘happenings’.'” I received my Millionaire messenger about 6 weeks ago. I forgot I had ordered it. It still sat unopened for about 3 weeks, but the day I opened it my life took on new meaning. I have been through loads of life experience. I am now 40, have been married twice, had a 3 month premature baby at the age of 21. Was divorced and remarried by 25.I have a mother who actually told me she resented me for the time I spent doing sport with my dad. She resents anything I do or buy for myself. She has literally controlled me and my thoughts for 40 years. There are many, many more lessons I have been through, but basically, I am an expert in my life experience, and what I have been through, I believe, could save many from years of trauma. You see, my mom has always been very concerned about image by way of what others will think of you. You daren’t ever take a stupid leap of faith into the unknown. She has been left a multimillionaire by my dad – he worked hard and gave always with a loving and generous heart. My mom has all of this money and no happiness because her mindset is so warped. She believes she has nothing and was not put here to help other people. I don’t want to be like that, and so, I don’t care what other people may or may not think – The positives far outweigh the negatives and no matter what I achieve people sometimes have preconceived ideas. I feel sad for them – if only they would realise that what they see is a mere reflection of their soul.
    All my love and light,
    Liza xx

  90. Brendon,

    Thank you for all your gifts, enthusiasm, and wisdom … so grateful for all of it. It’s inspiring, motivating, but most of all genuine and specific.

    My only addition would be that we remember to connect often with our Creator, Higher Power, or whatever you want to call it. We are given all we need to be all we want to be. External sources are for learning, connecting and relationships. But our greatest connection is with our Creator who guides us to the knowledge and people and all else to develop, expand, and share what we’ve already been gifted.



    P.S. I’ve viewed many of your videos. They are awesome. Much continued success to you.

  91. When I opened my email today and read the golden ticket, I started to cry. It was exactly what I needed at this very moment. It was confirmation that I matter.
    As I write this, I am facing bankruptcy and losing my house. I feel that with dignity I can walk through what needs to be done no matter how painful and move towards the life I will make for myself.
    This moment in my life is but a snapshot of a moment and it does not determine who I am or where I am going. I determine that and not my situation or others judgement.
    I do!
    Thank you for being Brendon and see you inside TPB.

  92. Brendon,I want to thank you for being such a truthful and honest inspiration.
    I do my best to keep positive each waking moment,but ,hey we are human and let’s all be honest…we all have moments of doubt.What helps me shift my mood back into a positive frame of mind is to “be still…and think only of what I want”…this has become my equalizer,stress eraser.

  93. Dear Brendon,
    We cannot squander our experiences, we must be good stewards of them.
    I lived in domestic violence for 31 years. I went through alcoholism, bulimia, a social phobia, suicidal depression. Since escaping those ravagers of life, I understand that God had confidence in me even though I did not. I learned you cannot have fear and trust in you at the same time. You are right, it is choice, but if we make that choice in trust instead of in fear, it leads to more life for all as we give ourselves away. We all have a ticket to life but The Golden Ticket to life is Trust.

  94. Brendon, I have gone through many struggles in my life, like being legally blind out of my right eye, growing up with Asthma, having doctors telling me that I would never play sports at a very young age, going through a divorce at a very young age. But I look back at each of the struggles and I just tried everything within me to not listen to the negativity around me. I loved sports growing up and even though had things against me I became a great golfer, a great martial artist, and a great baseball players because I choose to focus my energy and my time on practicing and becoming better and not sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Going through the divorce at a very young age was tramatic. There were some days that I felt so down that I did not think I was going to make it. So, I just acted like a kid and embrassed myself into golf and martial arts. I made sure that I did both sports everyday. It did not matter that I had a full time job, it did not matter that everybody around me thought I was crazy, I just feel in love with my sports and that got me through and out of the depression.
    And because of all of my struggles, it came to me one day that I had a purpose in life and that is to help people with their health and wellness and I started focusing on golfers. My new Wife and I started the Black Belt Golf Company to not only help golfers but also help others that are looking for a way to help their mind and body at the same time. What I found for me was physical exercise like martial arts has not only helped me physically, but it also helped me mentally. By blending both sports together I have a passion in helping others.

    I hope this helps a few of your followers Brendon.

    Ryan White

    Black Belt Golf

  95. Brendon, I wanted to thank you very much for your work. You have a great message and anyone that wants to make a better life for themselves should listen to your message about making a choice. I believe that most people do not even know that they have a choice in life. I think you do a great job of letting people know that we only have one life and that we should chose to do live the life that we want. Thanks for your hard work and sending out your message.

  96. Hi Brendon,
    First of all.. thanks you for the courage to share your Life’s Golden Ticket with all of us and CONGRATS 4 your personal “light” in how 2 help us to become Experts and Dream Makers to others who are in need ;) great mission on heart brother.

  97. “Wisdom is the freedom and the ability to make the kinds of choices that move our life forward and benefit the planet.”

    If someone could demonstrate you Already have the Ability and you Already actually have the Freedom to make much wiser choices, couldn’t your life be significantly better tomorrow, and even better in the future?

    Well, you Already do have the “ability.” You were born wise. You were born ready to learn and ready to love. Wisdom and altruism are built into your genes.

    And, you Already have the “freedom.” Your successful habits such as speaking, dressing, working, and driving hold the key to that freedom. Many thousands of times a day your subconscious Already uses information in wise ways.

    “Already Wise: Our Inborn Ability to Make the Best Choices” will help you cash in your Golden Ticket.

  98. The Golden Ticket is given to us by Almighty God, Our Heavenly Father in His great love for us through and in Christ Jesus that paid the price for us to be saved as that is the mission Jesus came to fulfill, and did fulfill for us. We are spirit in an earthen vessel born in sin at our physical birth from our mother’s womb. Our spirit also needs a spiritual birth that is brought about as the holy spirit draws us to Our Heavenly Father in a personal relationship. Not Religion! Thus, we have choice to ask forgiveness of our sin, and ask Jesus into our heart and life as Christ Jesus is the life giver of eternal life. Then to read God’s Holy Word as we seek to be obedient, and faithful to the Great IAM whom loves us with the greatest love of all. Yet, God is under no obligation or promise to keep any unsaved man (woman) out of hell one moment. This is the “Golden Ticket” given to us, and it is our choice that determines the result before a Holy, Righteous, and Just God. How will you choose with no middle ground before God when blaming or excuses are not allowed? This is the one, and only answer that will bring about abundant life. Where will you live for ALL ETERNITY is the real question in this issue of the heart as God looks upon the heart. Jonathan Edwards made this clear in his sermons during the early 1700′s along with George Whitefield in their biographies. We have the choice!

  99. Your book is on the reading list Brendon :-)

    To me my life’s golden ticket was a self awareness. I was seeing more and more doors close around me mentally so I felt being in a dead end. It was not pretty. I realized gradually that is was a result of my own thoughts, and started to change them one at the time. The results changed my life, and now I coach others, I feel free, both feet on the ground and looking up with a strait back.

    Your inspiration will take it even higher to the benefits of present and future people of my life. A seed has been sown to produce more Golden Tickets.

    Thank you

  100. I was dying. My heart was slowing down and becoming irregular. I knew it was a matter of seconds if not less. All I could say stutter with difficulty was,”Help me God”.

    The next moment I was free and my heartbeat was completely normal. Something unheard of when you’re in the grip of a three phase electrical current.

    No side effects nothing.

    My real life education started on that day.

    You always have a second chance at getting your life right. You only have to ask and believe. Not only in God but also in your divine right to a better life, and your own ability.

    You do matter but only if you want to. You can love but only with utter selflessness. Then… when you can love in that way, you will matter and live, and not only exist. You will be remembered.

    Life itself is your golden ticket and it does expire. So use it wisely and with care.

  101. I just want to say thank you Mr. Burchard for writing Life’s Golden Ticket. I am currently 17 years old and I have seen you speak locally and I have read your book many times. I have shared the book with my friends and they also love it. THERE NEEDS TO BE A MOVIE! Everyone I have talked to agreed that Life’s Golden Ticket should be made into a movie. Just a little heads up. Thank you agin for writing a wonderful book.

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